Материалы тематических сессий

Материалы тематических сессий и свободного общения
Труды XXIII Международного конгресса византийских исследований
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Thematic Sessions of Free Communications: proceeding of the 23rd International Congress of Byzantine Studies
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Monday, 22nd August

Linguistics and Philology of the Byzantine Balkans: Approaches and Advances

Byzantium in Change. Art, Archaeology and Society of the Thirteenth Century

Byzantine Philosophy and Maximus the Confessor

Byzantium and οἱ Ῥῶς: Historical and Textological Questions of the Old Testimonies’ Interpretations

Historiography 4th – 9th Centuries

Late Antique and Early Byzantine Art

The Artists of the Byzantine World and Stylistic Trends in Monumental and Icon Painting

Studying and Communicating Byzantium – Part 1

Byzantine Art in the Modern Era: Issues of Emulation, Presentation and Interpretation

Byzantine Architecture ‒ Part 1

Historiography 10th – 11th Centuries



Science in the Byzantine World


Tuesday, 23rd August

Rethinking the Passion Cycle

Agia Marina / Saint Margaret

New Feasts, New Sermons: The Cult оf Mary on the Eve of Iconoclasm in Byzantium and Beyond

Palaestina Byzantina I: New Byzantine Studies in Art

Palaestina Byzantina II: New Byzantine Studies in Archaeology

Narrating Events and Portraying Characters in тhe Works of the Late Byzantine Writers 

Type and Archetype in Byzantine Cultural Landscape

The Early Byzantine Empire ‒ Part 1


Byzantium Meets Ancient Literature

The First Bulgarian Empire

Economy in the Byzantine World

Byzantine Literature in Translation ‒ Part 1

Byzance après Byzance

Bible in Byzantium: Exegesis and Literary Inspiration

Byzantium and the East

Church, Faith and Culture in Medieval Serbia, Bulgaria and Russia

Chairs: André-Louis Rey, Pablo Adrián Cavallero


Wednesday, 24th August

Byzantine Literary Models and Patterns of Reception: Translation and Transformation in the Slavonic and Middle Eastern Traditions

Perspectives céntre-périphérie dans le monde Byzantin

Saint Gregory Palamas and Barlaam the Calabrian in the Context of the 14th-Century Byzantine Philosophy and Theology

Chanceries and Documentary Practices in Southeast Europe (13th– 15th Centuries)

Byzantines and the Bible

Epirus Revisited – New Perceptions of Its History and Material Culture

Trade Routes in the Balkan Peninsula: The Numismatic Evidence (10th–15th Centuries)

Material Culture

Art of Medieval Armenia

The Early Byzantine Empire ‒ Part 2

The Holy Fathers of the Church

Epigrammatic Poetry

Historiography 11th – 14th Centuries

The Middle Byzantine Period

Byzantine Architecture ‒ Part 2

Byzantine Literature in Translation ‒ Part 2

The Migration Period

Applied Arts of the Byzantine World ‒ Part 1

Literature and Politics


Thursday, 25th August

Latin Cyprus (1192-1571): A Case of Forced Coexistence. Art, Dogma, Laws, Hagiology and Architecture

Venetian Historiography (and Byzantine Studies)

War and Peace in Byzantium: Changes and Turning-Points in the Middle and Late Byzantine Period (7th‒ 15th Centuries)

Studying Byzantine Sculpture in the 21st Century: New Perspectives and Approaches

Theatre and Liturgy: Performance and Ritual in Christian Worship


Life and Works of Photius of Constantinople

Fashion in Transition: From Byzantium to the Byzantine Commonwealth

Studying and Communicating Byzantium – Part 2

The Age of the Komnenoi

The Early Byzantine Church

Byzantine Archeology

Studies in Byzantine Iconography ‒ Part 1: Iconography of Saints

Byzantine Literature in the 11th Century

The Late Byzantine Empire – Part 1

Art of Medieval Georgia

Literature in the Age of the Komnenoi

The Late Byzantine Empire – Part 2

The Church Between the East and the West ‒ Part 1


Friday, 26th August

New Insights on an Early Byzantine City: Caričin Grad (Justiniana Prima)

Rhetoric and History – Rhetoric in History. Creating Discourses in Byzantium

The Portrait in Byzantium and in the Byzantine World: Its Political,

Symbolical and Ceremonial Contexts

Music and Hymnography, Melodies, Their Composers and Musical Instruments

Modalities of Byzantine Psalmody in the Chanting Traditions of the Orthodox Nations – Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Era

Byzantium Beyond Borders

Byzantium and the West

Autocéphalies : l’exercice de l’indépendance dans les églises slaves orientales (xe-xxe siècle)

Byzantine Artistic Tradition and the Western World

Byzantine and Medieval West Literature

The Late Byzantine Empire – Part 3

Applied Arts of the Byzantine World ‒ Part 2

Civil and Canon Law in Byzantium and Medieval Serbia


The Byzantines, South Slavs and Hungarians

The Church Between the East and the West ‒ Part 2

Studies in Byzantine Iconography ‒ Part 2

Serbian Medieval Art

Byzantine Architecture ‒ Part 3

Byzantine Artistic Tradition and the Western World. Mediterranean Domain


Post-Byzantine Art

Political Ideology and Heresies

The Late Byzantine Empire and the West

Book Illumination in the Byzantine World

Varia Archaeologica

Late Antique and Early Byzantine Architecture

Hagiography ‒ Part 3


Byzantine Philology

Byzantine Sculpture

Studies in Byzantine Iconography ‒ Part 3

The Byzantine Sea

Architecture of the Byzantine World


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