Материалы тематических сессий

Monday, 22nd August

Linguistics and Philology of the Byzantine Balkans: Approaches and Advances

Byzantium in Change. Art, Archaeology and Society of the Thirteenth Century

Byzantine Philosophy and Maximus the Confessor

Byzantium and οἱ Ῥῶς: Historical and Textological Questions of the Old Testimonies’ Interpretations

Historiography 4th – 9th Centuries

Late Antique and Early Byzantine Art

The Artists of the Byzantine World and Stylistic Trends in Monumental and Icon Painting


Материалы круглых столов

Monday, 22nd August

Les nouveaux martyrs dans l’hagiographie byzantine

Law as a Means of Change in Byzantium

The Shifting Dynamics Between Text and Society. Towards a Sociology of Byzantine Literature

Visual Transmission of Scientific Knowledge in Byzantium: Different Visions & New Perspectives on Scientific Illustrations

Pour une nouvelle approche des effigies hagiographiques dans le décor des églises byzantines

Crimes Against the State and the Church


Материалы пленарных заседаний

I L’âge d’or de l’hagiographie byzantine

II The Byzantine City and the Archaeology of the Third Millennium

III Byzantine Religious Practices and the Senses

IV Romanitas and Slavia: Political and Ideological Relationships between the Slavs and Old and New Rome (6th‒16th Century)

V How the Byzantines Wrote History

VI Byzantine Studies in the New Millenium


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