Кардарас Г.

Кардарас, Георгиос
Kardaras, Georgios

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PhD, старший научный сотрудник, Национальный исследовательский фонд (Греция)

Vasileos Konstantinou 48

11635 Athens, Greece

Электронная почта: georgekar3[at]yahoo.com


A. Monographs
1) Georgios Th. Kardaras, Byzantium and the Avars, 6th-9th c. A. D. Political, diplomatic and cultural relations [NHRF/IBR, Monographs 15], Athens 2010 (in Greek, with English summary).
2) The Antes. History and Civilization (4thh-8thh c.). Under electronic publication (in Greek, with English summary).

B. Editor of Collective Volumes
1) Sophia Patoura-Spanou, The Danubian limes and its World during the Migration Period (4th-7th c.), [NHRF/IBR, Research Series 6], ed. G. Th. Kardaras, Athens 2008.

C. Papers in peer revue Journals
1) The Episode of Bousas (586/7) and the Use of Siege Engines by the Avars, Byzantinoslavica 63 (2005), pp. 53-65.
2) The “model of the Avars” in the Strategicon of Maurice. A critical approach, Byzantinos Domos 16 (2007-2008), pp. 151-166 (in Greek, with English summary).
3) The art of war of the Early Slavs, Byzantina Symmeikta 18 (2008), pp. 185-205 (in Greek, with English summary).
4) Aspects of coexistence, collaboration, and cross-influence between the Avars and the Slavs, 6th-9th c. A.D., Byzantiaka 28 (2009), pp. 131-149 (in Greek, with English summary).
5) The Byzantine-Antic treaty (545/56 A. D.) and the defence of Scythia Minor, Byzantinoslavica 68 (2010), pp. 74-85.
6) The revolt of the Slavs under Samo against the Avars and the question of the geographical location of his rule, Byzantiaka 29 (2010-2011), pp. 91-111 (in Greek, with English summary).
7) Byzantine-Avar Relations After 626 and the Possible Channels of Communication, Archivum Eurasiae Medii Aevi 18 (2011), pp. 21-42.
8) Between Attila and Bajan: Byzantium and the steppe peoples from 453 until 558, Byzantina Symmeikta 24 (2014), pp. 67-110 (in Greek, with English summary).
9) The Venethi in Jordanes’ Getica. Ancestors of the Slavs?, Tekmeria 12 (2013-2014), pp. 9-28 (in Greek, with English summary).
10) The Nomadic Art of War. The Case of the Avars, Acta Militaria Medievalia 11 (2015)
11) The Early Medieval Period in Poland 6th-9th century. Part Two: The Tribal Period. Βυζαντιακά: Επιστημονικό Όργανο της Ελληνικής Ιστορικής Εταιρείας. 2016. 33. P. 55-70.

D. Papers in Collective Volumes
1) The Byzantine-?var cooperation against the Slavs (578), in: Aevum Medium. Zborn?k na po?est’ Jozefa Ho??a, ed. J. Z?bojn?k, Bratislava 2006, pp. 31-33.
2) The Avars: foederati of Byzantium?, in: Zborn?k Slovensk?ho N?rodn?ho M?zea, Archeol?gia Supplementum 2 (Byzantsk? Kult?ra a Slovensko, Zborn?k ?t?di?), Bratislava 2007, pp. 131-137.
3) The Byzantine-Avar conflicts and the Danube frontier, 558-626 A. D., in: The Danubian limes, pp. 237-266 (in Greek, with English summary).
4) The “Danube road” in Late Antiquity (4th-6th c. A. D.), in: The Danubian limes, pp. 267-284 (in Greek, with English summary).
5) The Bulgarians and the Avar chaganate, 6th-9th c. A. D., in: Balgarija, Balgarite i Evropa- Mit, Istorija, Savremie vol. III (Bulgaria, the Bulgarians, and Europe – Mythus, History, Modern Times, Naucia Conferencija, Veliko Tarnovo 31 Oktomvri 2008), Veliko Tarnovo 2009, pp. 105-118.
6) The Settlement of the Croats and Serbs on the Balkans in the Frame of the Byzantine-Avar Conflicts, in: Balgarija, Balgarite i Evropa- Mit, Istorija, Savremie, vol. IV (Bulgaria, the Bulgarians, and Europe - Mythus, History, Modern Times, Naucia Conferencija, Veliko Tarnovo 29-31 Oktomvri 2009), Veliko Tarnovo 2011, pp. 91-98.
7) Christian symbols among the nomads, 5th-8th Century A.D., in: Rome, Constantinople and Newly-Converted Europe. Archaeological and Historical Evidence. M. Salamon, M. Wo?oszyn, A.E. Musin, P. ?pehar, M. Hardt, M.P. Kruk, A. Sulikowska-G?ska (eds.). U ?r?de? Europy ?rodkowo-Wschodniej/Fr?hzeit Ostmitteleuropas, Krak?w-Leipzig-Rzesz?w-Warszawa 2012, vol. ?, 79-90.
8) The early Slavs and the Antes. (5th-7th C.)., in: Medieval Slavic World, ed. P. Sophoulis – ?. Papageorgiou, Athens 2015, 30-55.
9) The Title Anticus to the after Justinian Novellae. An Interpretation’s Effort, in: Volume in Honor of Professor Konstantinos Pitsakes, Komotene 2015.
10) Three contributions in the collective work: Byzantium. History and Civilization, vol. I-III, Athens-Paris 2014-2015 (in Greek): a) The Legions and the Roman Decline; b) Germans and Huns (330-476); c) Antes, Slavs, Avars and Bulgars (518-681).

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