Саради Х.

Саради, Хелен
Саради-Менделовичи, Хелен
Saradi, Helen
Saradi-Mendelovici, Helen

греческий профессор византийской истории

Автор 3 монографий, более 70 статей, редактор 11 сборников и более 70 докладов на конференциях.


I. Образование

Ph.D., Université de Montréal, Departement d'Histoire (1985). Dissertation topic: Le notariat byzantin du IXe au XVe siècles Maitrise,

Université de Montréal, Departement d'Histoire (1978). Topic: La ville de Patras du XIIe au Xve siècles B.A.,

University of Athens, Department of History and Archaeology (1969-1973)


II. Научная биография

Professor of Byzantine History and Civilization, Department of History and Archaeology, University of Peloponnese (01/2009)

Associate Professor of Byzantine Literature, Department of Literature, University of Patras (6/06/1999-)

Associate Professor, Department of Languages and Literatures, Section of Classics, University of Guelph (1/07/1992-09/1999)

Assistant Professor, Department of Languages and Literatures, Section of Classics, Guelph University, Ontario, Canada (1/07/1988-1/07/1992)

Assistant Professor, Department of Classical Studies, Queen's University, Ontario, Canada (sabbatical replacemet: 1/09/1987-31/09/1988)

Assistant Professor, Department of Classical Studies, Trent University, Ontario, Canada (sabbatical replacement: 1/09/1986-31/05/1987)

Instructor, Department of Classical Studies, John Abbott College, McGill University, Montreal (20/01/1986-13/06/1986)

Instructor, Departement d'études Classiques, College de Joliette, Québec (4/09/1985-12/1985)

Instructor, Education Permannente, College de Joliette, Québec (7/02/1984-15/05/1984, 11/09/1984-19/12/1984, 30/01/1985-8/05/1985)

Assistant, Department of History, University of Athens (12/02/1975-19/08/1976)


III. Членство Cataloging the 17,000 Byzantine read seals of the Dumbarton Oaks collection and of the Harvard Fogg Museum under the supervision of Professor N. Oikonomides (1978), funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities, USA

Member of the research team of the Center of Modern Greek Studies of the National Research Foundation of Athens for the program "Modern Greek Bibliography" (1974-1976)

Member of the research team of the Center of Byzantine Studies of the National Research Foundation of Athens under the supervision of Professors D. Zakythinos and Chr. Maltezou (1973-1975)


Адрес: Department of History and Archaeology University of Peloponnese Palaio Stratopedo, Anatoliko Kentro Kalamata, 24100 Greece

Email: hsaradim[at]gmail.com

Сайт: http://www.helensaradi.com


I. Монографии 

The Byzantine City in the Sixth Century: Literary Images and Historical Reality, Monographs of Messenian Archaeological Studies, Athens, 2006 (ISBN 960-87555-1-4, pp. 543 with 65 figures, 62 plans in the text, 20 plans in appendix).

Notai e documenti greci dall' eta di Giustiniano al XIX secolo. Tomo I. Il sistema notarile bizantino (VI-XV secolo), ed. A. Giuffre, Milano, 1999 (ISBN 88-14-07840-8, pp. 325).

Contents Le notariat byzantin du IXe au XVe siθcles, University of Athens, Series "Library of Sophia N. Saripolou", No. 86, 1991 (pp. 312).   


II. Статьи и тезисы докладов 

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III. Редактирование 

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